Visit the Afterlife

Reagan's Books


3 Hours 33 Minutes In Heaven

NEW DISCOVERY! Now Anyone Can Visit Heaven

It is now possible for anyone in a deeply relaxed state to visit Heaven. This new technique has been used successfully for over 50,000 people so far by the Newton Institute. You have a God Switch within yourself that allows you to do this. Follow Regan on his life's Journey that led up to his miraculous Life Between Lives session. In Heaven he met and communicated with teachers, guides, loved ones and he got answers to many of his questions and advice for completing his life's mission. The certified Newton Institute facilitators are scattered around the globe so you can find one and take the journey to Heaven too

Reincarnation is Real

An interactive eBook that educates you on all the current research being done on Reincarnation.

Phobias Gone in 1 Hour

An amazing new modality called EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) can be learned in an hour and will lesson or get rid of any phobia

How To Be Your Own Shrink

New Modalities that work amazingly well can be self learned and administered very easily. Save thousands on therapy by doing it your self.

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