Life Between Lives Sessions

 The Newton Institute has guided over 70,000 individuals in exploring the Afterlife through a completely safe protocol, allowing participants to spend extended periods there. Here are some potential experiences:

  1. Encounter your Guide or Angel face to face, as everyone has one.

  2. Have your prepared questions answered by your personal Council of Elders, unveiling your life's mission, intended lessons, spiritual growth, and the purpose behind life's challenges.

  3. Engage in conversations with departed loved ones and Higher Selves of those still alive.

  4. Explore the Library containing records of all your life experiences.

  5. Revisit Past Lives.

  6. Experience the Place of Rejuvenation.

  7. Address health issues and possibly receive healing.

  8. Explore the Place of Life Selection.

  9. Visit Temples of Higher Learning.

  10. Discover the Place of Recreation, observing what souls do for fun.

Ongoing research is expanding our understanding of the afterlife. If considering a session, feel free to contact us for a complimentary phone consultation.

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Regan is a favorite guest on podcasts, radio and TV shows, including his recent interview on the National radio show COAST TO COAST.  

 GHHT  (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

Regan is certified through Delores Cannon's school of QHHT. This modality seamlessly overlaps the Newton Institutes'  Life Between Lives process and is included in your session.  This allows you to have your health issues  addressed. You will find out why you have your health issues and what is needed to reverse them and in some cases a healing.

Regan's Books


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 How To Be Your Own Shrink

 New Modalities that work amazingly well can be self learned and  administered very easily.  Save thousands on therapy by doing it your self.

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     Phobias Gone in 1 Hour

 An amazing new modality called EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) can be learned in an hour and will lesson or get rid of any phobia. 

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       Reincarnation is Real

 An interactive eBook that educates you on all the current research being done on Reincarnation.