Regan's Bio

Regan, a former board member responsible for public engagement at the Newton Institute, boasts an extensive background in the exploration of the afterlife.  He is also certified  with Delores Cannon's School  in QHHT  (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). 

With a notable presence on National Radio's Coast to Coast and various other podcasts, radio, and TV shows, he is the author of several books, including "3 Hours 33 Minutes in Heaven," "Reincarnation is Real," "How to Be Your Own Shrink," "Phobias Gone In 1 Hour," and "I Am Soul."

The Newton Institute, driven by the mission to unravel the mysteries of the afterlife, has trained and certified 250+ trained facilitators across 46 countries. Through the Life Between Lives process, involving over 70,000 successful sessions, they've effectively mapped out the Afterlife/Heaven, shedding light on what transpires after death and during the waiting period for reincarnation. The Newton Institute's published research, exceeding a million copies sold, has made their discoveries accessible worldwide, either in-person or online, with a remarkable 90% success rate reported by most therapists.

Regan, drawing from personal experiences, shares his two journeys in the afterlife through his book "3 Hours 33 Minutes in Heaven." Additionally, as a practitioner of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, he helps clients find relief from health issues in altered states.

In his personal history, Regan recounts out-of-body experiences at the age of four that laid the foundation for his spiritually oriented life. His diverse experiences, from being a paperboy at age 9, a gas station attendant at 17, a door to door salesman at 21, a real estate broker at 23, ventriloquist at 29, professional clown at 31, magician and stilt walker at 33, corporate comedian and fake motivational speaker at 40, Hollywood actor at 52, writer at 56, hypnotherapist at 58, composer at 65, Life Between Lives and Past Life Regressionist at 68, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist Technique at age 70. Looking back, he can see how all these experiences were needed for him to become a Life Between Lives a Hollywood actor at 52, have shaped him into a seasoned Life Between Lives and Past Life Regressionist.

Now available to discuss various topics, Regan covers themes such as his book "3 Hours 33 Minutes in Heaven," Life Between Lives Regression, the reality of Reincarnation, insights into Hollywood behind the scenes, and the intriguing field of handwriting analysis, which he professionally practiced for years.


  1. 3 HOURS 33 MINUTES IN HEAVEN: Regan's personal journey to the afterlife and back.

  2. LIFE BETWEEN LIVES REGRESSION: As one of 250 trained therapists globally, Regan practices the Newton Institute process, guiding clients into a deep state of relaxation to explore the places their souls go in between lives.

  3. REINCARNATION IS REAL: Regan delves into the latest research proving reincarnation, showcasing his expertise in Past Life Regression.

  4. HOLLYWOOD: Drawing from his 30-year experience as a SAG/AFTRA actor, Regan provides insights into the reality behind the scenes in Hollywood.

  5. HANDWRITING ANALYSIS: Leveraging his professional background in handwriting analysis, Regan unveils the fascinating insights it offers into people's character traits, a tool utilized by corporations worldwide for screening new employees.